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These reviews are given by individuals who are currently participating in the Husqvarna Automower® Test Pilot Programme. Any views and opinions expressed here on this website are those of the reviewers.

Fiddo / Age: 54 / City : Mosgiel

Husqvarnva Automower Week 4# Rather play golf

Still very happy with the product. As spring comes on it is taking about two days to mow the whole section but at this stage it is keeping on top of it.

Westie / Age : 57 / City : Palmerston North

Husqvarna Automower 1 (The Cat)

So the Husqvarna Automower model 305 had been installed and was very quietly doing its first mow when it was spotted by my cat Huey...

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  • Mowing quality
  • Ease of use
  • Obstacles / slopes
  • Noise level
  • Security
  • Serviceability

by Nickname

Mojito the Automower / Age : 47 / City : Auckland

Husqvarna Automower - Back to Base ...

If you've got uneven ground caused by manholes etc, just even it up with some soil so your Husqvarna...

Mojito the Automower / Age : 47 / City : Auckland

Husqvarna Automower - Boundary Wire...

The wires are installed so time to plug them into the base unit.

Mojito the Automower / Age : 47 / City : Auckland

Husqvarna Automower - Base Unit Tip

Troy says mow your lawn before placing your base unit. Keep your electrical plug away from the wet ...

Robo / Age : 51 / City : Rangiora

Husqvarna Automower - Blades Jan. 2...

Welcome 2017 - blade inspection

Callalaboy / Age : 50 / City : CALLALA BEACH

Automower 305 - Blade Condition

The Husqvarna Automower 305 cutting blades have been fairing very well. I inspect the blades approxi...

JJ / Age : 39 / City : Kew

Husqvarna Automower comparison of r...

A look at the difference in results between the Automower and a conventional petrol powered mower th...